Welcome to learning with Pegah

“Bijles van Pegah” is a tutoring  service by Pegah. In my tutoring practice, I teach mathematics/physics to students in primary/ secondary school (VMBO, HAVO and VWO) and university.

I have completed a bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degree in physics with many years of teaching experience.

The following goals indicate what I exactly do in my tutoring service:

  • Making students enthusiastic about mathematics/physics.
  • Creating an educational environment in which there is a room for students to ask their questions and overcome the fear of making mistakes, as this is necessary for an optimal learning process.
  • Growing self-confidence of students in their own abilities.
  • Providing guidance that is appropriate for each individual student. After all each student learns in a different way.
  • To facilitate tutee insights into the learning & learning process; working with students in a way that they discover the answer.
  • To personalise instruction; helping students to improve their learning strategies.
  • To get beter grades in school.

Are you curious?

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“Unpack creativity and enjoy learning by tutoring service with Pegah”