About me

Who am I?

My name is Pegah Zolfaghari . I am originally from Iran and I moved to the Netherlands in 2010, in order to continue my study. I am married and have two lovely girls!

Wat did I do before starting my tutoring service?

I obtained my PhD degree in computational physics from Radboud  University Nijmegen. After my PhD,  I worked  as a data scientist at a consultancy company for few years. 

With analysing data, I helped the company to better understand how they can  achieve their goals. I also helped the company to find more potential markets.  During my work as a data scientist I supervised a master student as well.

Do I have any experience in teaching?

Of course, I have many years experience in teaching. I tutored high school students. I helped them to get better insight into the subject (mathematics/physics). I taught students based on their needs. I also helped them to get well-prepared for their exam.  Helping the young generation with the exact subjects is what I do with joy. 

What am I doing now?

My passion for education and teaching motivated me to start my own tutoring service. Therefore, I officially started my practice “Bijles van Pegah” in 2010. (Kvk-nummer: 83729593)

In my tutoring service, I help students to tackle their assignments and answer their questions. I teach them how to summarise information from questions and how to come to solutions. By asking a lot of questions, I encourage students to think critically and carefully. Since each student is different and learns in a different way, I provide tailor-made guidance for students towards their abilities.  In addition, I create a fun and interactive lesson and ensuring that students will benefit as much as possible from my teaching.

Are you ready:


Let’s teach and learn!